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My old friend and North Carolina native Harrison Hickman, a Washington pollster, has written “a 2010 survival guide for Democrats”
He writes that, “Survival is possible even in the worst of climates, as many Democrats in 1984 and 1994, and many Republicans in 1986 and 2008 have shown.”
Here’s his first prescription:
“Get real. 2008 didn’t change politics. Voters and the party’s image are much like they were before. Republicans have slipped but not enough to ensure victory. If President Obama has magical dust, he’s more likely to save it for 2012 than sprinkle it on you.”
Hickman is one of the most clear-eyed political analysts I’ve ever known. I invite Democrats (no Republicans please) to pay attention.


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2 comments on “How to Survive in 2010

  1. dap916 says:

    Gary, c’mon my man. Hickman is about as “clear-eyed” as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Give us a break. I am disappointed that you discount anything against the radical lib-dem agenda and laud anything that promotes it.

    It makes good commentary here, of course, but I truly wonder if you don’t see that your lovely party is trying its best to get the majority of our citizens reliant on government thus insuing the democratic party’s command on the political structure in this country.

    There are just FAR too many folks that will keep that from happening regardless how your party gets the mainstream media to call the protesters in that respect “TEA PARTY ADVOCATES” in a negative overtone and avoiding reporting on how many people show up to fight against the liberalization/socialism that the left is trying to put in place in America.

    It is a fight and hopefully, you people that think that party politics is more important than knowing what direction the democratic leadership is trying to lead us into will be unsuccessful in that effort.

  2. -1 says:

    You mean like the NR?

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