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Thirteen years ago the terrorists blew up the World Trade Center and, since the terrorists lived in Afghanistan, we attacked Afghanistan.
The terrorists then moved to Pakistan but we kept right on attacking Afghanistan.
A decade later we killed the lead terrorist in Pakistan but we’re still fighting in Afghanistan.
In 2003 the ‘wise men’ said in order to whip the terrorists we needed to invade Iraq too, so we did and nineteen days later we’d whipped the Iraqi Army and taken Baghdad.
But no one (with the exception of General Colin Powell) told us our army might not be big enough to occupy a nation of 30 million people.
And no one certainly ever mentioned the dreaded word ‘draft.’
Eight years later we were still in Iraq and 96% of our causalities had happened after we whipped the Iraqi army.
It was the time for the inevitable skedaddle and, in 2011 , we got out of Iraq.
We also decided to give $200 million in guns to our friends the Kurds but the Maliki regime told us that wouldn’t do; they said we should give the guns to Iraq’s ‘official government’ which in turn would give them to the Kurds.
We did.
But the Maliki regime didn’t like the Kurds and didn’t give them the guns.
Then ISIS got up a head of steam, conquered western Iraq and captured an arms depot full of American guns. ISIS then took the guns and attacked the Kurds who had hardly any guns at all.
President Obama announced Maliki had gotten himself into this mess and he could get himself out.
Then the President sent 1,000 soldiers to Iraq.
Then he announced he was going to bomb ISIS.
So, now, we’re bombing ISIS to destroy the guns we gave the Iraqis.
Next the President announced he was not going to fight another war in Iraq and the House added we wouldn’t be in Iraq long.
Then, the next day, the President said we may be bombing Iraq for months.
So we’re bombing ISIS. But it’s not a war. We said we wouldn’t send soldiers. Then we did. We told Maliki he was on his own. Now we’re bailing him out. And we’ve armed the people we’re fighting against.
How much more muddled can this picture get?



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2 comments on “Foreign Policy?

  1. Anonymous says:

    And, so….who benefits from all this idiocy? You got it…the industries that arm, clothes, feed, transport our “war efforts”….and many, many more entities too numerous to mention here.

    This is NOT republican vs. democrat. These industries exist in both red states and blue states. They keep the economy going. When President Johnson took office, he kept the Vietnam War going for a very long time for one specific purpose… keep the American economy vibrant. Argue it all you want. It’s just true, and I’m a Vietnam Vet and have read just about everything on this subject that is out there….it’s just the TRUTH. And, that’s what’s happening now with our war efforts. We need wars…we need to be involved in military conflicts all around the world. It employs hundreds of thousands of military troops, it gives our military-supply complex in our country HUGE government contracts so that they can employ hundreds of thousands of people and the businesses that supply them also are able to employ thousands of people. It’s just “good business” for America. Like it or not, that’s just a fact.

    So, all of what you’re saying is most certainly true, Carter…but, there’s a reason far deeper than what you’ve presented here for it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Muddled indeed. However let me tie this in to the domestic front. The isolationist side of the Republican Party along with the anti war Democrats have on their hands a Catch 22. Terrorist are indeed a problem. There are only 2 ways to stop terrorism from killing Americans that I am aware. First won’t work, we have tried. That is to go around the world killing terrorist wherever we find them. The Military Industrial Complex likes this option and are always promoting it. For a long time this was the enemy of the Anti-war Democrats. Lets hate the Military Industrial Complex. However soon these Democrats realized that they were faced with an option that was not to their liking. Secure the borders. If the Democrats take that stance, where are they going to get the millions of new Democrat voters needed to stay in power. To secure the borders and check arrivals from the airlines or sea ports would go a long way to stopping terrorist from coming into America. Unfortunately it would also mean less Democratic voters, and with the push by states for voter ID’s it would really harm their future election chances.

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