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Last week Republicans were chortling over campaign-law indictments of Democrats. Now they’re complaining about a campaign-law probe of Pat McCrory’s 2008 campaign.  
Welcome to the NFL, and strap on your helmets.
From now on, every campaign is going to be under scrutiny for potential violations – not just by the state, but also by opposition researchers.
Democrats are loaded for bear. They feel they’ve been unfairly targeted by a new enforcement zealousness. They intend to put the same shoes on Republican feet.
Given the complexity and uncertainty of campaign-finance laws – and the inevitable chaos of campaigns – there will be plenty of trouble to go around.
As one Raleigh hand said of last week’s indictments, “If those are felonies, there are a lot of felons walking around.”


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One comment on “Feeling the Pinch

  1. Carbine says:

    “Complaining” my foot, Republicans ought to be happy about this. This latest move by Democrat lap-dog Larry Leake is so blatantly political it can’t help but hurt Perdue (like she needed another black eye). Even if Leake is telling the truth (hard to guage, since there’s no precedent for that) about how he came to decide, right after the indictments of Perdue’s campaign people, to investigate years-old charges (filed by the head of the state Democratic Party), this would be a case of the truth not passing the smell test. Or the laugh test, for that matter. Not even such a dependable Democratic propoganda rag as the Raleigh N&O can figure a way to run a story on this ‘investigation’ without at least mentioning the remarkable anomalies involved.

    So let ‘er rip! I look forward to more coverage of this issue. Every time it comes up it reminds folks that Perdue’s people are all crooks, AND it generate sympathy for McCrory. IT’s a win-win.

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