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I avoid political events. Been there, done that. But last night I dragged myself out in the rain and cold to hear Eric Mansfield, who’s running for Democratic Party chair.
I don’t pretend to understand internal party politics. But here’s my opinion: A party with Mansfield as chair will be a party to be reckoned with.
It was the first time I met him, but not the first time I heard of him. Democratic friends have talked him up to me. But I first heard of him from a Republican lobbyist friend. He told me in 2011 that Mansfield, who was then a state senator, would be a star.
I get it now. Mansfield has brains, personality and presence. Last night he gave an impressive summary of how the party can get back in the game – not in seven years after the next Census, but today.
I was impressed. I’ll endorse him or oppose him, whichever helps him most.


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