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Now Republicans are whining about elections being for sale.
A couple of weeks ago, Democrats were whining about Art Pope “buying” North Carolina. I suggested they stop whining and start winning by finding their own deep pockets.
It looks like the deep pockets found them.
John Frank reports in the N&O that a hereto-unknown couple in Raleigh, John and Ann Campbell, have emerged as big financial players in the Wake school board race.
Good for them for putting their money where their convictions – and their children – are.
But Susan Bryant, the Wake GOP chair, whines that they trying to buy the election. Last week, she whined about the “Obama organization.”
I assume that was intended to scare Republicans for Halloween.
Here’s the point for Democrats: There’s a lot of money out there. Look for people like the Campbells, who were successful in the pharmaceutical industry. There are a lot of well-educated, well-heeled, successful and highly motivated people in the Triangle and across the state. They care about the quality of schools and quality of life here. Often, they care about women’s reproductive rights and discrimination against gays. And a lot of them have never been involved in politics before.
Ask President Obama. He’s the most successful fundraiser of all time. He’s on track to raise and spend more than a billion dollars this time.
The truth is, there’s enough money for both sides to “buy elections.” Winners get to work and raise it. Losers whine to the media.


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One comment on “Dems Have $$, Too

  1. Carbine says:

    Democrats in North Carolina have always had more money to work with than Republicans. You certainly know that, Gary, since so much of it wound up in your pockets. That advantage, plus the pro bono assistance of the state’s major urban media outlets didn’t save the D’s in 2010 and it won’t deliver the state for them in 2012.

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