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Mitch McConnell sounded a lot like an old-fashioned political boss: He sat down with a columnist from the Wall Street Journal, whipped out a knife, and plunged it right into the Tea Party.
To govern, McConnell said, parties must win. And to win they have to run candidates who’re adults.
That was a backhanded slap at Ted Cruz.
Then Boss McConnell threw a haymaker: He said the Tea Party narrative that Republicans could whip Obama if they were more ‘feisty’ is a fabrication and, what’s more, the Tea Party leaders are only spreading that tale for one reason: Money. To raise millions from gullible supporters then ‘take their cut’ and spend what’s left not to help but to hurt Republicans.  
Why, McConnell said, one Tea Party group was actually running ads to defeat him in his primary and that one group, by itself, had elected more Democrats than the entire Democratic Party over the last three elections. (The group McConnell was talking about is the Senate Conservative Fund which was founded by former Senator Jim DeMint and helped elect Ted Cruz.)
So there it is, straight from an adult candidate: The folks opposing Mitch McConnell are crooks who’ve elected more Democrats than the Democratic Party.


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2 comments on “Bosses

  1. Choo says:

    Mitch must really feel threatened. I guess he could become a citizen. Scary thought.

  2. Reaganite says:

    The problem is, Carter, that Mitch McConnell is as big a liar as Barack Obama. You should really fact check McConnell’s spew before parroting it.

    The truth is that only two SCF endorsed primary candidates went on to lose General elections to Democrats.

    One was Christine O’Donnell, whom the SCF did not endorse against Mike Castle until a week before the primary, when O’Donnell was already leading Castle by double digits in the polls, and SCF did not financially engage in that race either in the primary or general.

    The other is more interesting, Ken Buck in Colorado. The party establishment was running Jane Norton in the primary, who had been an AARP lobbyist during the Hillarycare fight. Ken Buck was a hard charging District Attorney. The NRSC, which McConnell controls, got involved in the primary, running some nasty attack ads against Buck, but that did not work and Buck got the nomination. The Democrats played off of the NRSC attack ads to pummel Buck in the General, and Buck only just narrowly lost. The Democrat attacks had more credibility with voters due to being a rehash of Republican primary attacks. The party establishment was warned that going negative in the primary would make winning the seat harder in November no matter which one won the nomination, but they went ahead with their scorched earth attacks anyway.

    If McConnell wants to know who lost Colorado, he should look in a mirror. If the establishment had not gone scorched earth with attack ads in the primary against the conservative frontrunner, then Ken Buck would probably have won instead of very narrowly losing.

    We also need to look at NRSC’s other interference in primaries. In Florida they preemptively endorsed liberal Charlie Crist, but with SCF’s help, Marco Rubio built a primary lead over Crist, and Crist pulled out and ran unsuccessfully as an independent. Crist is now running for governor of Florida as a Democrat.

    Then there are all the establishment duds who lost Senate races we should have won last year in North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, and Virginia. North Dakota is a good example because it is easy to compare establishment campaign failure with conservative campaign success. That is because the same voters who were voting on the open Senate seat were also voting on the state’s open statewide House seat. The Senate nominee was a centrist with McConnell and Rove’s stamp of approval who talked about being bi-partisan and working across the aisle, while the House nominee was a staunch conservative who had been backed in the primary by the Club for Growth and who campaigned on red meat conservative issues. While Romney was handily carrying the state, the establishment Senate candidate went down to defeat while the conservative House candidate won handily with the very same set of voters.

    The beltway GOP committees back establishment wimps. No thinking conservative contributor should give them a dime. Contributions should go instead directly to solid conservative candidates or to dependable groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund or the Club for Growth.

    Mitch McConnell has been a disaster as Minority Leader. He constantly sells out or backs down to Harry Reid and the Democrats, and he has no backbone whatsoever. Republicans need to send conservative Matt Bevin to represent Kentucky in the US Senate. See

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