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Farmers are saying they’ve tried and tried but there’s no way on earth they can hire enough workers to pick the apples and cucumbers and sweet potatoes germinating in the fields so Congress had better get in gear and pass immigration reform jack-rabbit-quick to legalize undocumented immigrants (which is the farmers’ polite way of saying illegal immigrants).
Now it’s not clear whether there are just flat out no farm workers, period, or if there are just no farm workers as cheap as undocumented immigrants. But, either way, here’s an interesting fact: The big stick – the big argument – farmers laid on Congress to get it moving had nothing to do with wages.
The farmers said, pretty bluntly, to the Congressmen, Hispanics now outnumber African-Americans and you Republicans can either pass this bill or lose their votes. Which comes pretty close to saying, You can pass this bill and buy a lot of votes.
Which isn’t exactly Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.
Ronald Reagan once joked, Watching politics behind the curtain is like watching civilization with its pants down.
They ought to carve the words in stone over the doorway Congress.


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2 comments on “Behind the Curtain?

  1. Choo says:

    Years ago, farmers would go down to the labor pool when it was time for crops to come in and pick up workers and deliver them to the fields. Before they would let them on the truck or bus they had to show that they had a green card. This process worked great for a long time. Then the Democrats decided they could also bus these illegals to the polls and get them to vote Democrat. Now it is a false choice. We either make the illegal farm workers citizens or the crops will rot in the fields. The Democrats know every Mexican they make a citizen is another Democrat voter for life. They even have painted this horrible picture of people huddled in shacks at night afraid to come out in the light for fear they will be deported. Nothing could be further from the truth. Another socialist ploy to take over the country and organize society the way they see it should be organized, after all they know best.

  2. Reaganite says:

    No farmer I know is demanding amnesty for illegal aliens.

    We have lots of Americans on welfare. Why not put them to work?

    Giving citizenship to people who have broken our laws by invading our country is insanity and national suicide. The immigration laws need to be enforced and the invaders need to be deported.

    We used to use temporary farm workers who went home after the harvest. The old Bracero program that facilitated that worked fine, until Cesar Chavez and the far left eliminated it. Temporary jobs are one thing, Citizenship is quite another. We need a new Bracero program and if the pushy Mexicans are too arrogant to participate, there are lots of others who will. Go to farms on Cyprus, for example and look who the farm workers are – people from Ukraine, and Moldova, and Belarus, who are there on temporary work visas and then go home. Since the pay is undoubtedly higher in the US, I am sure they would be happy to come here, too. Tell the pushy Mexicans, who make arrogant demands for citizenship after brazenly violating our immigration laws, to get stuffed.

    One of the things that makes Thom Tilli$ absolutely unacceptable as a US Senate candidate is that he was responsible for severely undercutting e-verify in North Carolina, and even tried to get drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Tilli$ is the amigo of the illegals and we need to tell Tilli$ adios! Ann Coulter nailed Tilli$ on this immigration transgressions when she endorsed Brannon.

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