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Alright. Follow this: The Governor rips into the House and Senate Democrats’ tax increase – saying she cannot abide their raising taxes on working people. Then (giving Mark and Tony and Joe another rap on the nose) she lets fly, again, saying they also cut education too much.
Of course that didn’t sit too well over in the legislature. So the Senate and House Democrats shot back that the Governor wants to raise taxes too much – by $200 million.
Now, imagine seeing Governor Perdue’s quotes – about Democratic Senators and Representatives – in TV ads next fall for Republican candidates.
Republican Senate and House Leaders Phil Berger and Paul Stam must have felt that was about all the good news they could hope for in one day – then the former Governor’s wife, Mrs. Easley, filed her grievance against North Carolina State University. The source of her grievance:  Money. NCSU agreed to pay her $850,000 over five years then – after the News and Observer found out her job was part of a sweetheart political deal – decided the better part of valor was to abandon the whole idea.
So, look at this: The House and Senate Democrats want to raise taxes, the Governor wants to raise taxes more and, once they’re through raising taxes, Mrs. Easley wants to be paid another $680,000.


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