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 The prevailing Democratic view of Governor McCrory is summed up by this bumper sticker a friend saw:
My child is an honor student.
My Governor is a moron.
But Governor McCrory has a chance to mount his own “Carolina Comeback” in the next few weeks.
He could stand up to the legislature – and even pick a fight – on something big.  Especially something big on education: Teacher pay? Common Core?
Now, Democrats wouldn’t fall in love with him, although they’d love to see Republicans fighting openly with each other.
But Democrats would suddenly start, as the voice on your GPS says, recalculating the route to 2016. They’d suddenly be faced with an incumbent who might appeal to Independents. He might even start looking like one of those rare politicians that voters yearn for, but never find. One who can stand up to both parties.


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4 comments on “A McCrory Comeback?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, maybe there will be some democratic candidate for governor reading your “stuff” here and will want to hire you to help him defeat McCrory in 2016. I mean, that’s what all the bologna you post here is about, isn’t it? C’mon, be honest here and admit it, Gary. No way you’re actually on board with Common Core. I mean, you constantly tell us that you were a big-timer in the Hunt administration and how Hunt was the big education governor. Do you honestly believe that back when Hunt was governor he’d have been an advocate of Common Core…or ANYTHING like Common Core? You know not. Oh, today Hunt might be talked into making some kind of favorable comment about Common Core to help the democrats…but, I’m asking for honesty here, not B.S. politics.

    Carolina has already made a comeback. We have seen a HUGE reduction in unemployment, housing starts/sales have jumped, the government is steadily becoming more and more fiscally responsible. The majority is getting their wish and Voter ID is in place effective in a couple election years. Gun rights have been solidified. Teachers that couldn’t get raises under democratic administrations are going to see that happen now. It is just getting better and better. I know you’re all about regurgitating the liberal/progressive talking points about republicans being full of “hate” and anti-women, anti-minority and waging a “war on teachers” and all that mess….but, from what I’m seeing, only the died-in-the-wool democrats buy that crap.

    But, nothing you’ve said here is unexpected. I’m sure you’ll get a “political advisor” gig real soon because of what you offer up here on TAP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you, Gary, for trying to lead the Governor into a trap. No one likes Common Core – not parents, not teachers, not Republican voters. Standing up for something like Common Core would kneecap him with the GOP base, which is exactly what you Democrats want. Not only is the state GOP platform strongly opposed to Common Core, but even the Republican National Committee has adopted a resolution in opposition to it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do anything but don’t throw me in the briar patch. I don’t think McCroy is a RINO, but good try.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gary, when you get the job Dap speaks of , hire me, I know several groups that the Republicans can be made to wage war on that have been left out.

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