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I take a summer blogging break, and what happened?

Everything. And nothing.

Our reality-TV President got in a TV/Twitter fight. He insulted Mika’s looks. He called Morning Joe “psycho.” And he fantasy-slammed CNN.

Then he went to Europe, dropped out of the Paris climate agreement and lost us more friends around the world.

Except Putin. He loves Trump. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together, Vladimir?

As if that wasn’t enough, the world now faces a rogue nation armed with nuclear weapons and led by an unstable, unpredictable egomaniac.

And then there’s North Korea!

In Washington, Republicans still can’t figure out how to repeal Obamacare. Some Republicans don’t like taking health insurance away from 20 million Americans. Other Republicans don’t think 20 million is near enough.

In Raleigh, Republicans continued their assault on all things Democratic. They took away more of the Governor’s powers, took away most of AG Josh Stein’s lawyers and decided to impeach Elaine Marshall.
Hmmm. Wonder who her office might have been investigating?

In all, Trump and Republicans seem determined to scare off as many voters as possible. It looks like a great opportunity for Democrats.

But don’t underestimate our ability to blow it.


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