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At Christmas, I want to reflect on the Christian example being set by Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas. He’s a Republican who wants to be the Christian Right candidate for President.

Brownback had held up the confirmation of a federal judge because the nominee – horror of horrors! – had attended a same-sex commitment ceremony. The ceremony happened to be for the daughter of the nominee’s long-time neighbors.

Brownback withdrew his hold, meaning the Senate now can vote on the nomination in January.

But he said he still believes the nominee’s action raises serious questions about her fitness for the bench.

Can we thereby assume that he will now call for impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney for countenancing his lesbian daughter’s actions?

Did Cheney attend commitment ceremony for his daughter? Will he treat her child as his grandchild? Will he – horror of horrors again! – entertain in his official residence the child of a lesbian couple? Perhaps even let the child dangle on his avuncular knee?

The mind reels.

Merry Christmas. Even to you, Sam and Dick.

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