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Hand it to Trump. He moves fast. As big a crook as Richard Nixon was, it took him four years to get caught. Trump did it in three months.

It took two years for Nixon to resign.

What might happen with Trump?

Some smart people think he might quit. That he’s thinking: “Running was fun. Winning was huuuuge fun. But this job isn’t fun. It’s hard work. People aren’t nice to me. Some people even criticize me. They don’t all see how great I am.”

So maybe he quits and nurses the grudge forever. Starts Trump TV. And threatens to run again every four years.

Impeachment? That’s hard to see. Republican members of Congress would have to grow some balls. Not happening today.

Or maybe they’ll decide their own political hides are at risk. And dump Trump.

Or it could all turn around for Trump. We’re one terror attack and one working North Korean missile away from him pulling off a George W. Bush-9/11 turnaround.

Or maybe our great system of government works again, like it did in Watergate and Monicagate. A long, painstaking investigation – plus congressional public hearings – gets to the truth. Politicians in Washington rise to the moment. And the right thing happens, whatever that is.

One can hope.



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