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Last night on CNN and the Democratic Candidates ‘You-Tubed’ their way through the latest debate.

Afterwards the pundits said Obama won.

Then they said Hillary won.

Then they said Edwards and Biden won.

So much for pundits.

Here’s my two cents worth. I hate to say it but I thought John Edwards won. Hands down. But, then, after the debate Mrs. Edwards went on TV and tried to say that Hillary is not as strong an advocate for women’s’ rights as John and, of course, that fell flat on its face.

Mrs. Edwards has been on a bit of a tear, being more assertive than her husband in his campaign. A week ago she started after Hillary by telling that Hillary’s “just not as vocal a woman’s advocate as I want to see. John is. And then she says, or maybe her supporters say, ‘Support me because I’m a woman; and I want to say, ‘Well, then support me because I’m a woman.’” Which sounds a bit like Mrs. Edwards may see herself signing bills in the Oval Office (

It’s always skating on thin ice when a candidates wife starts running his campaign. After all – other than the candidate – she’s usually the least objective person around (and you have to have on pretty thick blinders to think attacking Hillary for being weak on women’s rights makes sense).

The Edwards’ have a chance to convince liberal Democrats Hillary’s not their choice when it comes to high-tailing it out of Iraq. But it’s going to take more than a little chutzpa to convince them Hillary cares less for women’s rights than John.

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