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Sometimes when you expect it least your worst enemy hands you a gift.

That just happened to Donald Trump.

Trump’s adroit. In the blink of an eye his days of tweeting ‘no meddling’ and ‘no collusion’ vanished. Suddenly, Trump was singing a new song on Twitter: Obama knew about the Russian meddling – but did nothing.  

The weekend arrived. And Kellyanne Conway charged onto Meet the Press singing the same song: Obama had done absolutely nothing. Obama, not Trump, was the villain.

She had a point.

Then, next, Chuck Todd interviewed Chuck Schumer – and Schumer said, well, since Trump thought Obama didn’t do enough, Trump should do more. And he could start by supporting the Senate’s bill to put tougher sanctions on Russia.  

He had a point too.

But put yourself in Trump’s shoes: Why shouldn’t Trump forget Comey, forget Mueller and pick up the gauntlet and tackle Vladimir Putin? Wouldn’t that work out better for him than tweeting about ‘Crazy Miko’ and ‘Psycho Joe.’

Not meaning to, Chuck Schumer had handed Trump a gift.

The real question is: Why is Trump just standing there looking a gift horse in the mouth?


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