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Hillary Clinton went hard after Barack Obama in Monday’s debate. In front of the Congressional Black Caucus. On Martin Luther King Day. She even got jeered.


Because the Clintons’ strategy is to shake, rattle and roll Obama. Take him away from the set-piece orations where he is a master. Put him on the defensive. Make him look too raw, unready and untested to be President.

It’s working.

The Clintons have given up in South Carolina. Hillary is taking several days this week to campaign in other states. But she left Bill in South Carolina to bedevil Obama. And he’s doing a good job of getting in the news and getting under Obama’s skin.

Obama spent too much time in the debate on defense, not enough on message.

Even if Clinton loses South Carolina, she is planting doubts about Obama with voters in the 22 states that vote February 5.

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