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Three overseas political stories either could, should or shouldn’t have an impact on American politics. Russia Trump & Co. are so set on smearing Comey, Democrats are so set on impeaching Trump and Republicans are so set on saving their

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That’s the guidance Deep Throat gave Bob Woodward through Watergate. It also applies to Trumpgate. (Of course, it’s hard to follow anything given the velocity with which Trump is trampling the government, national security and the Constitution.) With Trump, it’s always

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Things have come to a pretty pass. We’re reduced to hoping that Ivanka and Jared can save us. Now we see why Czar Putin wanted Comrade Trump to be President. He figured it’s the best way to cripple America. Three

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Two would-be strongmen huffed and puffed, postured and blustered on 60 Minutes Sunday night, but neither Vladimir Putin nor Donald Trump could hold a candle to the strength that Pope Francis showed America during his visit. The Pope reminded us

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