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Harrison Hickman, my genius pollster friend, told me a simple fact about the 2016 presidential election that I had not seen anywhere. The votes that Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, got in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were enough to

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Masochist that I am, I’ve read a lot of second-guessing and score-settling about why the extraordinarily well-qualified Hillary Clinton lost to one of the most loathsome and unprincipled men ever in politics (and that covers a lot of scoundrels). A

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Donald Trump’s victory was the most stunning, shocking, earth-shaking, landscape-shattering election upset in American history. Nobody looked more surprised than Trump. And more than a few of his voters no doubt woke up the day after and said, “Hold on.

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Democrats who are nervously hoping for a good 2016 but afraid to believe it need to read “The Wave” from Stanley Greenberg at Democracy Corps. His analysis: “America is about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime earthquake of an election, but progressives

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