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What is it about South Carolina primaries?

Of course, this is the state that gave us Pitchfork Ben Tillman, Strom Thurmond and Lee Atwater. Not to mention secession and the Civil War.

Now South Carolina has given us two of the sleaziest presidential primaries in history: the Bush mugging of John McCain in 2000 and the Clintons’ sliming of Barack Obama this year.

Maybe South Carolina just brings out the worst in people.

Now we know what Bill and Hillary learned from the vast right-wing conspiracy. No tactic, no attack, no lie is too low.

Does Obama have you in a box on the Iraq war? Say it’s a “fairy tale” he opposed the war.

Did Obama make a good point about how Reagan won the war of ideas in the 80s? Say he was praising Reagan’s ideas.

Is Obama inspiring hope and idealism? Say he was in bed with an inner-city slumlord in Chicago.

It may work. We may get the Clintons for eight more years.

Why do I feel like taking a shower?

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