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This is an urgent open letter to Republican political consultants in North Carolina:
Now is the time to come to the aid of your profession.
Your party is in charge of redistricting. The lonely eyes of all political consultants – Democrats and Republicans – turn to you.
I’m not talking about partisan realignment. I’m talking about something that rises above party: Profits.
You will do our business a disservice if you let legislators leave us only a handful of competitive districts. How will we support our families and plan retirement if we are forced to scrap over a few measly close races for the next decade?
No, we must have full competition in every single one of the 170 legislative districts and 13 congressional districts!
Full competition means full employment.
Think of the money to be made from ad production, media buys, direct mail, phone programs and on-line campaigns.
If you do this right, we’ll all be able to retire in style by 2020.


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2 comments on “Redistrict the Right Way!

  1. dap916 says:

    What should happen is that the republicans should do redistricting EXACTLY as the democrats have done it throughout the many, many years they were in control.

    Seems fair….doesn’t it?

    Sure it does.

  2. Carbine says:

    It is impossible to make all 170 districts competitive. There simply aren’t enough leftists to go around. If you spread them out evenly throughout the state, the Republican candidate would win virtually every district.

    Come to think of it, Gary, you may have hit upon a great idea there…

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