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Chuck Schumer couldn’t believe his luck – when Trump said he was willing to testify, as fast as Schumer could he said, Come on over to the Senate and we’ll swear you in.

A born showman, Donald Trump craves attention. But that need lands him in messes. Once he boasted he drew bigger crowds than Beyoncé – and landed in a mess. Another time he boasted he’d received more Electoral College votes than any President since Ronald Reagan: But Obama, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush all received more votes than Trump – another mess. One morning Trump launched a rumor on Twitter he had tapes of his conversation with Comey: The House has now asked, Are there tapes? and if the answer is No – another mess.  

Charles Krauthammer speculated when Trump tweets his unfiltered passions speak and explained that’s what happened after the terrorist attack in London: It was a time for sympathy but Trump, unfiltered passions roaring, continuing an old feud, blasted London Mayor Sadig Khan. Another mess.  

Krauthammer dubbed Trump’s wayward tweeting the Trump Derangement Syndrome but he might have named it the Queens Boy Syndrome because the voice on Twitter craving attention sounds more like a boy from Queens, landing himself in one mess after another.  


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