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Gary, here’s some good news for your folks on the Democratic side of the aisle.

Each month the Civitas Institute takes a poll; in August they asked voters who they would vote for in the elections for state legislature this fall – a Democrat or a Republican. Voters said:

Republican: 36%

Democrat: 40%

Neither 7%

Not Sure 17%

Now, trailing by four points doesn’t sound too bad for Republicans at first blush. But think of it this way: 24% of the voters are undecided. To win the election Republicans must get 58% of their votes — and that’s not easy. (The poll also showed 52% of the voters now disapprove of the job President Bush is doing and that’s a pretty bleak swing for North Carolina Republicans too).

But there is a ray of light: 80% of the voters think Democratic House Speaker Jum Black should resign due to his fundraising scandals and 75% don’t think Democrats have done enough to clean up the scandals in Raleigh.

That is twice as many people as are now voting Republican — which tells Republicans pretty clearly which issue they should be debating with Democrats this fall.

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