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It was part circus and part melodrama but the mill wheels were grinding, even if it left you shaking your head: On Twitter Trump was hollering ‘Ask her who leaked the classified information’ and, at the same time, the Democrats were howling ‘Prove Flynn was Trump’s go-between with the Russians.’

A trio of Republican Senators set out to bash Sally Yates but it was like watching a terrier yip at a steel magnolia.

The retired general sitting at the table beside Mrs. Yates – who had more than a little curmudgeon in him – was a character-study in his own right: Hunched over he’d sit listening with rapt attention to a long-winded Senator ramble through a harangue then answer with a one syllable grunt – either ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’

No one sitting in the room had a bit of doubt the Russians had meddled in our election or that Michael Flynn had lied to Mike Pence and no one disagreed with Sally Yates when she said that meant the Russians could say to Flynn: You either do what we say or we’ll leak the proof you lied to Pence.

So who do the wheels grind next?

It seems certain the leaker President Trump is worried about is going to be caught. The old curmudgeon handed Lindsey Graham a road map to find him or her.

No one had a shred of evidence – or proof – Trump was in cahoots with the Russians. But as the hearings roll forward Donald Trump’s in for an ordeal by fire: Every breath he’s taken is going to be under a microscope. There’ll be no covering up a single foible. But that’s the messy strength of our democracy: No one can cure the circus. Or stop the mill wheels grinding.


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He leaned forward pouring over page after page of numbers, searching for a lodestar, then stopped: ‘Republicans are dropping. Democrats are dropping. Independents are going up. There’ll be more registered Independents than Republicans by the end of the year,’ he said and I asked, ‘Did you see Pat McCrory’s TV interview?’

     ‘You mean where Pat said he wants a rematch with Roy Cooper?’

     ‘It sounded that way.’

     He nodded – then asked: ‘Do you know how many followers Pat has on Facebook?’


     ‘Is he doing anything with them – is he talking to them?’

     ‘He posted 8 times last month. Twice each week.’

     ‘How many followers does Dan Forest have?’


     ‘What about Phil Berger?’

     ‘137,000. And Phil’s got more sizzle than Pat or Dan. He lights into Roy Cooper.’

     ‘Facebook numbers aren’t scientific – like a poll. They don’t mean Pat beats Dan in a Primary.’

     ‘No. They don’t. But Pat is better known than Dan.’

     ‘What about Phil –  do you think he’ll run?’

     ‘Phil keeps his own council. But he is sending out mailings to Republican voters statewide.’

     ‘What about money?’

     ‘Pat’s got 10 times the money in the bank Dan has. And Phil’s got more money than Pat.’

     He glanced down. Chuckled. ‘If they all run it’ll be Katie-bar-the-door-time. There’s never been a Republican primary for Governor with three major candidates.’

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“I was all set to terminate. I looked forward to terminating. I was going to do it,” Trump told the reporter.

But he didn’t terminate so, in the next breath, he was telling the reporter, “I get a call from Mexico yesterday, ‘We hear you’re going to terminate NAFTA.’ I said that’s right. They said, ‘Is there any way we can do something without you — without termination?’ I said, ‘What do you want to do?’ He said, ‘Well, we’d like to negotiate.’ I said we’ll think about it. Then I get a call, and they call me, I get a call from Justin Trudeau and he said, ‘We’d like to see if we can work something out,’ and I said that’s fine.'”

It was all true.

But why was it in the newspapers?

After he had dinner with China’s President at Mar-a-Lago Trump told reporters, He’s a good man. He’s a very good man and I got to know him very well… I have a very good personal relationship with President Xi.

And after our military started building a missile defense shield in South Korea, Trump, talking with another reporter, said he wanted South Korea to pay for it.

So why is Donald Trump telling reporters stories about his dinners and phone calls and tiffs?

He loves publicity.

A reporter calls. Temptation whispers. And he can’t resist.

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David Brooks, the columnist, felt a sea-change.

Last fall, before the election, liberals saw Donald Trump as a buffoon who couldn’t possibly win the election then, on Election Night, right in front of their eyes, the clown turned into a dragon.

After the election – as the dragon headed for Washington – the shaken liberals saw a threat so dire they panicked and, as Brooks put it, “Many of us Trump critics set our outrage level at 11.”  

Panic led to outrage, outrage fueled hysteria, and all hell broke loose.

Then, last week, when Brooks looked at Trump the threat had suddenly “gotten smaller.” Trump, he realized, “tends to back off” when faced with a fight. The dragon had vanished and in its place Brooks saw “a man who is a political pond-skater – one of those little creatures that flit across the surface, sort of fascinating to watch, but have little effect as they go.

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To show strength, he said he’d ordered an aircraft carrier to sail straight north to North Korea – then the Pentagon released a photograph of the carrier sailing straight south away from Korea.

He pounds the Washington Politicians but, despite his threats, his wall’s stuck in Congress, his immigration plan’s stuck in the courts, and the newspapers taunt him about the cost when he flies to Mar-a-Lago.

He’s happy Ivanka and Jared are with him in the White House but Steve’s fighting with Jared so his peaceful mornings in Trump Towers are a fading memory.

He doesn’t believe in polls but it’s just as well – his base still loves him but he’s kaput with Democrats and wobbling on his last legs with Independents.

He’s hoeing a tough row: He happily opens the newspaper each morning then he reads the press calling him “Rodney Dangerfield” or “Elmer Fudd” – but he’s got no quit in him. He gets knocked down, picks himself up, and climbs back into the ring.

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Last year Trump tore into NAFTA. 

And said China was a no-good currency manipulator, NATO was obsolete, Obama’s Iran Agreement was the ‘worst deal ever,’ and Obama’s Paris Climate Change Agreement was a ‘hoax.’

And he said he was going to fix them all and ‘Make America Great’ – and the crowds at his rallies roared ‘Amen.’

Neither Obama’s Climate Deal or Obama’s Iran Deal was a treaty so, after Trump took his hand off the bible and finished saying the oath of office, all he had to do was say the word and they’d be kaput.

But he didn’t.

He also did an about face on NATO, saying it was no longer obsolete. And on China, saying it was not a currency manipulator.

But here’s what’s peculiar: The folks who’d cheered for Trump and attended Trump rallies didn’t give a toot. Let a Congressman or a Washington Politician try to fuzzle them and they’d be screaming for his blood. But when Trump did it they didn’t mind. They went right on cheering.   

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Years ago, around the time of Prohibition, the politicians in Raleigh passed a law that said, A brewer can’t deliver his own beer. And with that one law the politicians created a new industry which blossomed: The Beer Wholesalers (or Beer Distributors).

Eighty-odd years passed and that old law, still on the books, put hand-cuffs on local Craft Brewers: It meant they couldn’t deliver their beer (over 25,000 bottles) to their customers at restaurants and supermarkets. Instead, to grow, a Craft Brewer had to hire – and split his profits with – a Beer Wholesaler.

Naturally that didn’t seem fair to the Craft Brewers so they set out to change the law. A bill was introduced in the State House. Both sides hired lobbyists. And both sides locked horns in the backrooms of the legislature.

Now most people like craft beer. It’s popular. And local. And the breweries create jobs for young people. But at the same time the Beer Wholesalers had contributed a million and a half dollars to legislators.

The legislators met, contemplated, nodded sagely, and the Craft Beer bill died a quick death.

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I’d love to know why that North Korean missile blew up. Was it North Korean bungling? Or did the Pentagon zap it with some super-secret electro-magnetic death-ray?

I like to believe it was a death-ray – because then saving ourselves from Kim Jong-un would be as simple as pushing a button.

However, just before that missile launched, President Trump told Kim Jong-un he was “sending an armada, very powerful” to North Korea – but, three days later, it turned out our armada was steaming in the wrong direction (south instead of north) away from Korea.

So, it looks like, it was bungling.  

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After the Congressional Special Election down in Georgia, President Trump exclaimed, Great victory. (He meant for Trump.)

At the same time the Democrats were saying the same thing: They said they’d won a great victory. And defeated Trump.

Somebody wasn’t telling the truth.

And Sean Trende, of Real Clear Politics, put his finger on who: “This isn’t a win, and it isn’t a defeat. It’s a ‘to be continued,’” he wrote (in the final runoff election in June.)

Both sides had thrown honesty right out the window. And sitting at home, listening, no one seemed to mind. The truth had vanished. But hardly a soul blinked.

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Four years ago this week, an extraordinary young woman I had come to know was brutally murdered. Stabbed to death in her own home. By a man she and her husband had befriended and helped.

Four years on, I still struggle with the monstrous evil here.

We know that human beings do cruel, senseless, horrible things to each other. We see it in Syria, in terrorist attacks and in random violence in our own country.

We don’t expect it down the street. To people we know. And, until it happens, you don’t realize how much damage is done to families and friends.

Today, a foundation named for Jamie Kirk Hahn is doing good work. I know extraordinary young people who’ve been inspired by her life and her example.

Jamie was a political consultant. She was that most valuable asset, a fundraiser. She had built a good business. Helped good candidates and causes. She was exploring how she could help more nonprofits and charities.

Four years on, I have more awareness of the goodness and greatness that lies within us.

But I also have more awareness of the terrible evil that lies within some people. And the awful suffering they cause.

Outside, the rain keeps coming down. Like a flood of tears.


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