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The President of Afghanistan’s in a fix: The U.S. Army, he says, hasn’t won the war so there’s no peace to give his people the “individual personal security” they need.
Half a century ago, in four years, we crushed Hitler’s armies and occupied his country and there was peace, but, today, it appears whatever we learned between 1941 and 1945 has been forgotten. We once knew how to win wars. We don’t anymore. And ten years and two Presidents and a trillion dollars and a collection of undefeated Afghanistani tribesmen is proof we’re no longer the nation (in more ways than just winning wars) we were in 1945.



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2 comments on “Once we knew…but not anymore

  1. dap916 says:

    And, although we will NEVER hear it from the MSM, Iraq will be right back to the disaster it was when we originally went in 9 years ago within a year. Obama is gonna get credit for getting us out of there mach schnell, but even though that strategy was politically expedient, it will mean that all of the money expended and all the lives lost in that effort was for naught.


  2. Carbine says:

    Apples and oranges Carter. The United States has not “forgotten” how to win wars like WWII. The task we face in Afghanistan is totally different from the one we faced in Europe in the 1940s. Our enemy is not a nation-state with an identifiable military structure that can be forced to surrender. It’s a fairly typical guerrilla force that will fight as long as it feels like fighting and can get its hands on the very minimal material support it needs to carry on, just like virtually every other guerrilla force that has ever taken to the hills.

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