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I don’t know Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong but, sometimes, he says things that leave me shaking my head. Like when the press asked him why the defense attorneys tried to have him recused from the Duke Lacrosse trial. Mr. Nifong said, in effect, ‘Well, if he was a defense attorney he wouldn’t want to have to face Mike Nifong in a trial either.’

Last week, Mr. Nifong accused the defense lawyers of conducting a poll to influence jurors and he wants a judge to put the other lawyers under oath and pillory them for unethical conduct.

What’s his proof?

He says his wife got polled.

Think about that: Does Mr. Nifong really think defense attorneys were going to let his wife be a juror and they polled her to influence her vote? In fact, Mrs. Nifong is probably the last person on earth the defense is going to let sit on the jury and the fact she was polled is proof this was a legitimate survey. There are 240,000 people in Durham County. The defense attorneys polled 300 of them. Can anyone think of a legitimate reason the defense attorneys would have polled the District Attorney’s wife – other than she was called at random?

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