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North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry is the early favorite for this Congress’ Newt Gingrich Hysterical Hypocrisy Award.

“Waving his hands and stomping his feet,” according to news reports, McHenry decried House Democrats’ plans to quickly act on their key priorities. Such as ethics reform, stem cell research and raising the minimum wage.

Railed McHenry:

“If, in their opening moment of power, they close us out of the process, imagine what they’ll do in the future,” McHenry said. “It is so hypocritical just on its face, it has to be called out.”

Let’s see. This is the same Republican who loved Tom (The Hammer) Delay’s style of open leadership when he was in the majority.

I can think of nothing better for the country than for Patrick McHenry to be closed out of the process.

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