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I haven’t seen this much howling and gnashing of teeth since I can’t remember when: Mention the word Russia and The New York Times and the Washington Post start hopping up and down and Anderson Coopers turns steely-eyed while, over on the other side of the aisle, Tucker Carlson turns downright snarky.

The liberals are so terrified of Trump that when he hiccups it sends them into convulsions. But Trump’s not a wrecking-ball. Obamacare’s stuck. The Wall’s stuck. Trump’s a President who hasn’t done much at all. Gridlock rules.

Rather than going haywire every time Trump turns a Twitter somersault the liberals ought to take a deep breath, lean back, and laugh at his antics. And the conservatives? Every time The New York Times goes crazy about Trump Sean Hannity goes crazy about the Times – adding to the hysteria.

So did Trump collude with the Russians?

It’s not the media’s job to convict – or exonerate – Trump. That job belongs to Congress and, ultimately, the voters. What’s the media’s duty? To help us have a fair – and thorough – investigation.

We’re going through a crisis where errors in judgement have a cost. And the media – by holding a kangaroo court every night on the news – is doing more harm than good.


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