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Three recent developments in the Governor’s race sharpen the perception that Beverly Perdue’s campaign is not in the same league as Richard Moore’s.

First was the Perdue debacle over Randy Parton.

Then Moore came out against Duke’s Cliffside coal plant. Perdue panicked, then meekly took the same position.

(But neither candidate, as The N&O pointed out, explained how they would keep North Carolina from having the same problems with power that we have with water.)

Next, Moore put up a blistering web ad about the US 70 bridge in Perdue’s hometown of New Bern. The message: the bridge is almost unused while traffic piles up in Charlotte, the Triad and the Triangle. And, the ad says, it all goes back to politics and Board of Transportation fundraising.

Again, Perdue’s response was weak.

For one thing, she fails to point out that, while, Moore criticizes her fundraising, he raised big money from people who do business with him as State Treasurer.

Moore is increasingly running an outsider, anti-corporate campaign – though he’s raising a lot of corporate money.

Perdue’s strategy seems to be aimed at women – especially on health care.

Perdue may still lead in the polls. But her performance is lacking. She needs to raise her game fast.

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