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Here’s a TAPster’s interesting talk on the flap about how many job layoffs the legislature caused:
“Sometimes it’s hard to tell who has better aim at their feet these days, the Democrats or the Republicans — and whether there’s anyone out there holding them accountable for their poor politics or obfuscating rhetoric.  The latest comes in the tug-of-war over just how many folks got tossed out of state government jobs.

“First, why would the state Budget Office — run by the Democratic governor — give a figure that they don’t agree with, to a legislative committee without the qualifications or explanations that might bolster their point of view?  Second, why would Republicans, who run the legislature, not stand by their rhetoric on this point?  Rather than, as you put it in your post, say ‘look, it isn’t as bad as you claim,’ they might have said – ‘this is just the tip of the iceberg for all of these taxpayer supported, do-nothing government hanger’s-on.  If they have skills, they’ll get jobs in the private sector, where we’re working to grow jobs and opportunities.  We’re going to continue to weed out all these unnecessary burdens on the taxpayer.’

“Now, of course there’s the possibility that most of the folks being tossed out of government jobs actually worked hard, earned their pay and were doing things that were important and desired by taxpayers.

“Now, just what are the numbers?  There’s a simple source — the North Carolina Employment Security Commission — the folks who have the job of keeping up with all of this kind of stuff.  And, rhetoric aside, in North Carolina much of state and local government spending is driven by the actions of the General Assembly, as it sets the state budget that other state agencies — as well as public universities, community college and local school systems – depend upon. 

“So, what are those numbers?  Have your pick.  Let’s start with NOT seasonally adjusted:
From September 2010 through September 2011, there have been 21,400 total government jobs lost in North Carolina.  What’s that breakdown?  Well the folks at the ESC have that, too:
State Government: 12,000; (of that State Government/Education: 7,300)
Local Government: 10,000: (of that, Local Government/Education: 8,400)

“Don’t like those?  Let’s go with seasonally adjusted.
From September 2010 through September 2011, there have been 18,700 total government jobs lost in North Carolina.  What’s that breakdown?:
State Government: 10,800
Local Government:  8,300

“And for folks seeking more spin, it could be argued that government, particularly state government, is the most significant driver of the state’s unemployment challenges. Over the last 12 months (Sept. 2010 through Sept. 2011), total private employment, not seasonally adjusted, has INCREASED by 26,200, or seasonally adjusted, increased 28,400.

“All in all, plenty of real information for the propagandists on all sides to manipulate.”



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