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John Edwards finally took a controversial stand on Sunday on George Stephanopoulos’ TV program and it was a doozie. Edwards didn’t put it quite this bluntly, but when Stephanopoulos asked if he supported ‘gay marriage,’ Edwards shook his head and said, Well, I’m just not there yet.’

That was a first for Edwards. For years, he has had his finger perennially in the wind, carefully avoiding taking stands on controversial issues. Of course, in the long-run opposing gay marriage may help him. Most people agree. But Edwards’ problem is that he’s running for President in the Democratic primaries, the dominate liberals don’t agree, and they’re going to give him hell. Give Edwards credit for taking a stand that may hurt him politically. But the question, now, is what will he do next? Will he stick to his guns? Will he debate the left-wing of his own party on gay marriage? Or will he succumb to political temptation and, say, a year from now, announce he’s seen the error of his ways? For John Edwards, gay marriage may turn out to be a real test of character.

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