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I worked with Jesse Helms so over the years I grew accustomed to looking at polls where politicians had high ‘Unfavorable’ ratings. But I’ve never seen a politician in North Carolina with an ‘Unfavorable’ rating of 49.8% except once (in a poll for Helms) when for some long since forgotten reason we tested Fidel Castro’s popularity.
By a quirk of fate the same pollster – John McLaughlin – took both polls.
In McLaughlin’s new poll for The Civitas Foundation Bev Perdue isn’t as unpopular as Fidel Castro was then – but she whips everyone else in sight including former Governor Easley who’s plastered all over TV today in the latest round of the latest Democratic scandal.
Round one of the Easley hearing was a doozy: McQueen Campbell, former Easley ‘grey eminence’ testified that twice his company made repairs on Governor Easley’s home in Raleigh – then when he asked to be paid Easley told him to bill it to his campaign and mark the invoice ‘payment for airplane flights.’
Campbell also “testified that Easley received $5,400 from his insurance company to cover the costs of the repairs.” No one’s quite sure what happened to that money but it should make Governor Easley’s testimony interesting.
Finally, believe it or not, right now, Bev Perdue’s more unpopular in North Carolina than Mike Easley (whose ‘Unfavorable’ is 47.5%).
I waited thirty years to see a Democrat with a higher ‘Unfavorable’ rating in a poll than Jesse Helms – and now in one week I’ve seen two.


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