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It’s a baby-boomer politician’s worst nightmare: The New York Times gets holds of personal letters you wrote to a close friend back when you were a self-absorbed college student trying on different personas and personalities.

It happened to Hillary Clinton Sunday.

This came right after the national media dissected the political and fashion significance of her displaying an apparently modest amount of cleavage in a speech on the Senate floor.

Sounds like a bad run news for Hillary, right?


In fact, Hillary’s campaign has done something few thought possible:

The woman once portrayed as an ice queen has warmed up her public image, while also projecting the aura of strength, experience and command presence that it takes to be President.

No mean feat.

Actually (to pat myself on the back) I predicted this could happen some time ago in a blog I wrote about Mandy Grunwald, Hillary’s media guru. But I didn’t think it could happen this fast.

Her campaign may or may not have planned the cleavage display. It certainly wouldn’t have wanted the letters released. But sometimes the breaks go your way.

If they don’t start going the other way – and if Hillary’s team stays on their game – she will be very tough to beat for the nomination.

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