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2015 will mark the 10th year Carter and I have been doing this blog, as best I can tell from my records. The first posts I could unearth were in late 2005.
If memory serves, this was Carter’s idea. He and I worked together with a (non-partisan) client, and we traveled around the state talking to its members. Carter realized that they didn’t want us to talk about their issue so much as they wanted a “behind the curtain” look at how politics really works.
Blogging and online communications had just taken off in politics, thanks largely to Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004. As I recall, Carter simply said, “We should do a blog.”
So we did, with a lot of technical help. Today, 10 years later, few things make me happier than when someone says, “I read your blog every day.”
We never talked about how long we’d keep it up, but 10 years is pretty good. And I’m not about to stop now and give Carter the last word.
Why stop, anyway? As long as there are politicians and human folly, we’ll have plenty to talk about.
So Happy New Year to the politicians who give us so much folly to write about and, especially, to our readers!


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One comment on “Happy New Year!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great, Gary. If you want to have a successful blog site front page that isn’t just all about Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn, you’ll achieve great things here. Today? You have a very few folks that post here. Carter has his allies that read the Forum comments and you, Gary, have your allies that do the same thing. None of those respond…they just read what’s said by Choo and Dap and Teaparty and Reaganite and a couple others. Your front page is read by those same folks that you try desperately to brand “TAPsters”…which is, of course, ludicrous. Open up your Front Page to honest, critical banter. Make this a blogsite that truly gets honest banter in 2015. Be “progressive”. You and Carter are currently just like James Protzman on in that you just want people to read your own perspective and any other kind of presentation is rejected. Give us a place to get crazy…to get radical…to tell others how the majority on BOTH sides feel. Right now, we don’t have that and right now, what we have is a front page where you, Gary, presents the progressive thought and Carter (when he’s not trying to coddle to you), presents what he thinks his conservative followers and perspective clients want to hear.

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