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For Republican legislators, these are the best of times.
Thoughtful-looking, chin-in-hand, close-up photos on the front page. Admiring newspaper profiles. Crowded news conferences. Lobbyists lined up to see you. Donors lined up to give to you. Big offices to move into. Gavels to wield.
Then, at noon tomorrow, boom! The big gavel comes down. And the fun starts.
Suddenly, political platitudes give way to real votes and real choices. And real people – and their lobbyists and advocates – who might get mad. And reporters who persist in asking nettlesome questions.
It’s a great opportunity for Republicans: the first time they’ve run the legislature since the 19th Century.
And a great risk: the worst budget crisis the state has ever had.
No problem, they proclaim: The voters sent us here to cut spending.
So what’s their first move? Apparently, they’ll instruct Governor Perdue to cut spending this year.
In other words, let’s get to work – passing the buck. Literally.


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One comment on “Glory Days

  1. dap916 says:

    Can I quote you, Gary: “the worst budget crisis the state has ever had”.

    Now…the republicans haven’t been “in control” since…well, since North Carolina sooooooooo, this isn’t something like your boy Obama can do and blame someone else for our ills. This sorry fiscal state of North Carolina is because of what the democrats that have been in control of our state for EONS. Yeah..yeah…I hear all that spin about this wouldn’t have happened if Bush hadn’t left our nation in such terrible shape, but, c’mon, Gary…other than just a few radical, mind-controlled lefties here in NC, who really believes that? Some states aren’t in this kind of shape and Bush was prez when they didn’t rely on the federal govt. to bail them out and didn’t rely on pork and didn’t rely on more and more taxation to keep their state solvent. So, the democrats are totally…again, TOTALLY…to blame for our fiscal problems. Nice try making this out to be something other than an inept democratic legislature and govenor etc.

    Now? Well, hate it but the repubs in control are going to have to cut and then they’re going to have to cut and on top of that they’re going to have to cut. That will mean no more vast expenditures for piers that are nice but have no use. That will mean not spending a huge amount of the taxpayers’ money in our state on illegal immigrants. That will mean not funding the “arts” that don’t create anything but something pretty. That includes reducing the number of assistants to the assistants to the assistants in Raleigh. Sorry ’bout that…but, if a textile worker loses his/her job because we’re in an economic crunch, so must state government workers. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Time to get lean and mean in NC state government. Perdue will want to blame the republican-led legislature when that happens…and will take no responsibility for doing what has to be done…but our BLUE STATE voters will know whatzuuuup.

    Pass the buck, as you say. No problem. Cuts have to happen. If they don’t, what’s the alternative? LOVE to hear your response to that.

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