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During the Republican debate last week, Pat McCrory said “twenty percent of the inmates” in the Charlotte jail are illegal immigrants. He also said in a speech last week over fifty-percent of the babies born at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte are Latino.

McCrory didn’t make the numbers up. But it turns out he was depending on hearsay and didn’t verify them either. Neither statement was accurate.

McCrory’s boasted he is going to run a “garage-band” campaign, free of consultants and high-priced advisors may come back to haunt him. That sounds fine. But he may have condemned himself to learning the hard way (from experience) rather than the easy way (from listening).

He may also be about to learn in a governor’s campaign mistakes don’t just fade away. He may not have heard the last of these faux-pas. Robert Orr has already jibbed him in the Republican debate for saying his campaign misspelled the word governor in a press release because it was sabotaged by a hacker. Who knows, his more recent misstatements may end up in one of his opponents TV ads.

McCrory entered the race in a strong position. But he’s undercut himself and the natural question is whether he will be plagued by a similar mistakes throughout his campaign.

McCrory announced relatively late, with only three and a half months to the primary. He doesn’t have time for the luxury of learning as he goes, but, so far, ‘garage-band’ has been a synonym for carelessness.

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