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John Edwards and Joe Lieberman have little in common. But they do both have one big thing this year: running as outsiders.

Most politicians fantasize about “outsider” campaigns. Usually when they get tired of playing insider games with other politicians, interest groups and contributors.

But the dream has come true for Joe and John. And their success – or failure – will say a lot about American politics in 2006 and 2008.

In Connecticut this year, Lieberman has the luxury of attacking both Democrats and Republicans. He can run against partisan politics, after being a partisan politician for three decades.

That’s where Edwards started in North Carolina in 1998: the outsider challenging the inside politics of both parties.

Once in Washington, he tried to run from the inside. That’s why he voted for the Iraq war.

Now out of the Senate, he’s free to run from the outside. And he is – full tilt.

Go to his website – – to see.

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