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Well, what went on in Raleigh yesterday in the State Board of Elections hearing was high political drama – the fireworks started right off when Easley buddy McQueen Campbell fessed up he’d paid for $11,000 in repairs on Easley’s house in Raleigh, then sent Easley’s campaign a fake bill for the $11,000 – which the campaign paid. Then the insurance company reimbursed Easley, personally, $5,400.
The next point is just plain tacky: Here’s what Campbell said he repaired – the roof, trimming the trees, water damage, washing sidewalks and cleaning dog feces from a bedroom and closet.
The Governor’s also trying to explain taking $101,000 in free airplane flights from Campbell, free dues at a posh country club, a $137,000 discount on a beach front lot from a developer, free cars and how he created a job for his wife at NCSU that paid her $175,000 a year.
And what did all these folks get in return from Easley?
Here’s one example: Last time Easley was running for reelection, Wilmington developer Lanny Wilson wrote Easley’s campaign money-raiser a five point memo about how to get a big donation from Wilson’s partner. Here’s quid pro quo: Easley reappointed Wilson’s partner to the State Wildlife Commission and Wilson’s partner got a state permit to build a boat ramp at a subdivision. Then Wilson’s partner wrote a check to the Democratic Party for $50,000 to re-elect Easley – and Easley got a $137,000 ‘discount’ on one of Wilson’s partner’s beach front lots.
Meantime Easley’s legal counsel (from back when he was Governor), Ruffin Poole, who master-minded the scheme to end run election laws by getting big donors to funnel money into Easley’s campaign through the Democratic Party, has stiff-armed the Board of Elections by refusing to testify, saying Easley’s protected by Attorney-client privilege and his lips are sealed. Meanwhile, his client, Governor Easley says he’d be delighted for Poole to testify.
“The Governor’s not concerned other than getting these issues resolved and moving on,” Easley’s spokesman says.
So why isn’t Poole testifying? Maybe the Board will ask Easley that when he takes the stand Wednesday.


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2 comments on “Easley Takes the Stand…

  1. dap916 says:

    This has taken eons to get where it is currently. An old addage in litigation/prosecution is “the longer you wait, the more the chance for acquittal”. I got that from a lawyer that just handled a property line dispute for me. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Just how willing are those that are prosecuting Easley to go after him as he should be gone after? I mean, let’s look at how many D.C. notables that have cheated on their taxes and been involved in shakey real estate deals have just pulled an O.J. (“gotten away with it”) on those issues. The longer this goes on with Easley, the less we’re going to see him having to answer for his crimes.

  2. -1 says:

    Someone should also ask Governor Perdue why she approves Leake’s past and present conduct. Leake’s now officially her problem.
    He’s also a growing problem for the reporters who fail to report facts the public will find out. Where is there any discussion of why the complaint was filed or the multiple prior accusations concerning Leake or the fact Easley arrived at Leake’s home for a fundraiser that raised tens of thousands for Easley via private helicopter owned by Phillips & Jordan, Inc.?
    Since I-40 is again closed by a rockslide, an investigative report concerning the Hunt/Easley/Perdue history with Larry Leake and Phillips-Jordan would be very timely.
    Erskine Bowles and former Gov. Jim Hunt are investors in Gary Allen’s real estate investment company.Allen is the developer of the infamous Cannosgate in Carteret County.The one Easley has what appears to be a “sweetheart” deal lot.Also the one which appears the lots were churned with insiders to drive the comps up so the appraisals would come in high.
    It is my opinion that McQueen Campbell is just a starry eyed groupie that Easley took advantage.He was treated like a goffer.It appears that Leake is setting up Hayden(finance director for Easley} and Falmen(former NCDP CHRM).I suspect the feds have someone protected with immunity and the s++t will hit the fan when Easley is indicted.I fell sorry for the 2 republicans on the NCBOE.It is obvious they are in way over their heads.They should at least make a ra ra speech about honesty and integrity in elections.

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