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George Bush may have screwed up everything else in eight years, but even he knew better than to drive America’s automobile industry into bankruptcy at Christmas.

Not so with Tennessee Senator Bob Corker and some of his Republican colleagues in Congress.

All I have to say to them is: Keep driving, boys. Because – if they seize the wheel – they will drive the GOP off the cliff for years to come.

They will erase any memory of Reagan-era prosperity. They will make Herbert Hoover look like Santa Claus.

They will seal the Republican Party’s identity as a low-wage party. On one hand, they raised hardly a peep about banks and financial companies paying their executives millions, taking billions from the taxpayers and refusing to tell us what they’re doing with our money.

But when it comes to the hourly pay of autoworkers, Republicans are ready to go to war!

Now that we Democrats are in charge of fixing this mess, we need to get our story straight: The Republicans got us here, and they’re determined to keep us here. The only solution is to reduce them to permanent minority status. Just 40 of them in the Senate are too many for the sake of our country’s prosperity and well-being!

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