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The other night, lying in bed, I stopped clicking long enough to watch an old black and white movie. Talk of the Town it’s like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, only with Ronald Coleman appointed to the Supreme Court rather than Jimmy Stewart appointed to the Senate. The good guys (and Jean Arthur, in both movies) battle the bad guys and crooks ending with Coleman donning his judicial robes and staring out the window of the Supreme Court at the dome of the Capital.

We have fallen on hard times since those days – if those days ever existed. Today, the pirates are more entrenched in Washington than ever and Barack Obama is running for President as our modern day Mr. Smith, whose mission is to end piracy.

And with Senator Obama leading both Hillary and John McCain in all the polls, one would expect the varmints (and lobbyists) in Washington, who are about to see their livelihoods disappear, would be in a panic.

But, instead, they hardly seem worried – much less shaking in their shoes – because Barack the Avenger is about to descend on them.

Why not? Surely, the keen eyed Barons of K Street have not missed the danger. Or could it be they know something we don’t?

Could they have they talked to their comrades in Chicago, who told them, He’ll play ball?

Or have they scrutinized Obama with a discerning eye and decided that, beneath his rhetoric, he’s no threat – that in the mean streets of Washington they are going to eat him alive. That even if nineteen year old girls swoon over him, like a rock star, there is nothing for them to worry about.

So, is Barack Obama the man to clean up Washington? Do we need a Mr. Smith? Or, say, a Huey Long – who’s as mean and ruthless as the varmints he’s after but who has one virtue: Just the sight of a lobbyist sends him into a Homeric Rage.

Senator Obama is soaring in the polls running for President as Mr. Smith – but what we may really need to clean up Washington is ‘Dirty Harry.’

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