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Gary, after all the trials and lottery scandals a little dose of sex and politics sounded interesting so when I read your blog (see below) about Vernon Robinson’s new ad about Brad Miller I looked at the copy on

Unfortunately, poor Vernon’s his own worst enemy. He has two legitimate points. Congressman Miller did miss the vote that included body armor…and he did vote to find four studies of sexual habits that sounded, well, a little unusual. There may not be much of civility and what my grandmother used to call ‘good manners’ in politics but there is a little. What Vernon doesn’t seem to understand is there’s a line candidates cross at their own risk and a lot of people are going to see using words like “prostitutes,” and “genitalia” in an ad crosses it.

Vernon has taken issues most people would agree with him on and expressed them in a way that will probably offend most people – and, worse if you’re Vernon, raise a question in their minds about his judgment.

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