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The last thing Republicans needed right now was to open a new can of worms but they may have done just that.

Senator Bill Frist (and Congressman Dennis Hastert) have called for Congress to investigate the ‘leak’ of classified information to the Washington Post about “a web of secret prisons being used to harass and interrogate terrorism suspects” (News and Observer, 11-09-05). If this sounds like a Republican response to the Valerie Plame case – it just may be. But I suspect Democrats will be more than glad to hold hearings on those prisons and that they are going to ask a few questions like, ‘What was going on in there?’

And Senator Frist and Congressman Hastert think they can say, ‘No. We’re going to investigate the leak – not the prisons,’ they’re mistaken.

Representative Christopher Shays – a Republican from Connecticut – has already said investigating the leak is “acceptable, as long as Congress investigates the prisons themselves.” Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was blunt. He said, “Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. The real story is those jails.”

There may be a perfectly good reason for the CIA to be operating covert prisons in foreign nations. And there may not have been a single abuse in any of them. But what if there was? Senator Frist may think he just ‘one-upped’ the Democrats on the Valerie Plame case but what he may have done is opened the biggest can of worms yet.


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One comment on “Another Can of Worms for Republicans?

  1. cwrenn says:

    1 Comment »
    Can of worms for republicans? How about a can full of ASBESTOS worms for the entire congress.

    Open letter sent this morning to Senator Arlen Specter and the not so white house.

    The letter is not only self explanatory its important to almost every citizen in the U S A.
    February 8,2006

    Dear Senator Specter,

    While watching your committee questioning the attorney general I could not help but notice that you and some of the other senators left to go address the Asbestos issue.

    Senator Spector, do you know just how large this Asbestos can of worms is?

    I’m just one of the little unwashed one in the masses disregarded by you superior folks in Washington but I am going to inform you anyway.

    Have you or anyone else in the congress ever heard of AC water main pipe that has been buried, and remains buried and in use today by the hundreds of thousands if not millions of miles across our nation in almost every berg, town, and city, in every state in the U S A?

    If you haven’t already guessed the “A” in AC stands for Asbestos. Concrete pipe reinforced with Asbestos, or as its commonly known as Asbestos/Concrete pipe and I worked for more than one company and city government for several years here in Texas that installed new, tapped, repaired, and replaced thousands of miles of Asbestos reinforced Concrete water mains anywhere from 12″ to 10 feet in diameter.

    Water under pressure sets up vibration in water piping causing not just corrosion but wear.

    And particles of the concrete and asbestos sloughs off and enters every home and business water system where the AC pipes are used and is ingested, swallowed and dries in the mouth and sucked into lungs of every human being consuming the water for drinking, cooking, or bathing.

    How is the congress going to address this fiasco? How can the congress address this fiasco?

    For to address the Asbestos issue at all, the AC water main piping must be included or the issue is in automatic defeat and accomplishes nothing but a minute part of the overall Asbestos issue while addressing it to and catering to a small fraction of the populous that have filed suit which will feed tremendous profits more than one attorney.

    I am personally going to plaster this as an open letter to you all over the Internet, on any website that will allow it to be published.

    Quite simply Senator, address the entire asbestos issue and let the chips fall where they may or let it die.

    Tom Pearson-Arlington, Texas

    Comment by Tom Pearson — February 8, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

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