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Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez – according to the press this morning – mislead to the Senate yesterday. (Even one Republican Senator, Arlen Specter, asked Gonzalez, incredulously, “Do you expect me to believe that?”)

The House of Representatives – according to the press – is about to bring contempt charges against President Bush for illegally hiding documents.

Three doctors, in a medical study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said they’d proved padded hip protectors “do not prevent fractures in the elderly.” But it turns out they are paid researchers for the makers of bone strengthening drugs.

Lindsey Lohan, a week out of rehab, is arrested for driving under the influence (and possessing cocaine).

Britney Spears has “a meltdown” in an interview with OK! Magazine.

A study reports – when it comes to corporate greed – the top 25 hedge fund managers combined “appear to have earned more than all 500 S&P 500 CEOs combined.”

MySpace reports it has found 29,000 sex offenders on its website – four times the 7000 originally suspected.

The Senate reports banks are giving gifts to college financial aid officials (like expense-paid trips) to get them to recommend (allegedly more expensive) student loans to parents.

And the State Department reports 17,500 people are “trafficked” into the U.S. each year, essentially as slaves, to work in brothels, factories and farms. Half the victims are children. Most are never found.

Political deceptions. Starlets’ melt downs. Corporate greed. Sex offenders. And slavery. Welcome to America on July 25, 2007. Are these wayward anomalies? Or a trend? What do you think?

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