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I received a curious email, followed by a phone call, from Richard the Intellectual. Richard tends to watch politics from afar but something happened yesterday that left him completely, absolutely enraged.

He got a brick in the mail from State House Republican Leader Skip Stam.

That’s right, a brick.

The kind, as Richard said, he used to build his house.

He calculated Stam spent $20 to buy the brick and mail it to him.

After Richard finished sputtering, I gathered the brick was a fundraising gimmick – it had something emblazoned on it like, ‘Help us build a Republican majority,’ and came with a fundraising letter.

If that was meant to be an attention grabber it worked. But backfired.

Richard’s bottom line was simple. He said, disgusted: ‘My choice this election is between crooks and fools.’

He means Democratic crooks and Republican fools.

I asked, goading him, ‘Well, what did you do with the brick?’

He said he was going to attach it to the next postage-paid Business Reply Envelope he receives from a Republican and send it back to Stam.

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