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Extremism in the defense of liberty may or may not be a vice, but it’s a good way to lose elections. And it may be how Republicans blow their chance at a game-changer in November.
Judging from their hysterical reaction, the stories about threats and violence have touched a raw nerve among Republicans.
They realize that the Tea Party monster they fed could end up eating them.
In Utah, Senator Robert Bennett – a rock-ribbed conservative – may not be conservative enough.
In Florida, Charlie Crist is getting slaughtered.
In Arizona, John McCain is in so much trouble from the right he needs Sarah Palin’s help. That must make him grumpier than usual.
This election is the Republicans’ to lose. They may just find a way.


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8 comments on “Wingnuts

  1. -1 says:

    Good try but your old democrat hack ways are hard to restrain.You will need a crying towel as big as a beach blanket Nov.Change and hope is coming in the form of conservative republicans.And 2012 will be the greatest day in modern American politics.

  2. -1 says:

    Obviously Gary doesn’t even bother to read the comments on his own stories.

    What’s the use of commenting here? If I want mindless uninformed uneducated liberal/progressive/Democrat pablum, I can read Steve Ford’s garbage at the Raleigh N&O.

    Are there any intelligent Democrats anywhere? Anyone worth sparring with at all?


  3. -1 says:

    Michelle Malkin with her take on how cowards like Gary are trying to deflect attention away from actually discussing Obamacare on its merits.

    And EQV, if you find any, let us all know.

  4. -1 says:

    It is just sooooooo humorous when the liberals try to tell us what good conservatives some of our opportunists / RINOs are. The libs like these people because they are ones who ”cross the aisle”, a.k.a sell out.

    Bob Bennett is hardly a rock ribbed conservative. He is one who looks to sell out whenever he can. That is why Mike Lee and other challengers took him to the cleaners this week in Utahs Republican caucuses. Bennett is toast as the weasel should be. Even Utah’s Republican Governor in taking a swipe today at Obamacare added to it by taking a swipe at a Bennett ”bipartisan” health care bill that had also included individual mandates.

    Charlie Crist has always been more of a Democrat than a Republican. His ”stimulus hug” with Commissar Obama made Republicans puke, as did his making common cause with ”Weird Al” Gore on the Global Warming scam. That is why he is now 23 points behind Marco Rubio in the polls. Add in that Democrats are scared shitless of a dynamic young Hispanic conservative like Rubio. Of course they would rather have Crist.

    As to losing these states by nominating Lee and Rubio, NONSENSE! Rubio has fairly consistently polled as a stronger GOP candidate in November than Crist, and both run ahead of the Democrat. All the experts rate Utah as safe Republican no matter who wins the primary. Now, there are certainly states where we maybe have to run an opportunist to win in November. Delaware and Illinois come to mind. But neither Utah nor Florida is in that category.

    Arizona is another matter. McCain has moved considerably to the right and this primary poll numbers are good. He has jetisoned his support of the Global Warmist cause, and indeed was the one who coined the term ”Cap and Tax” for Obama’s energy takeover attempt. He should cruise through both the primary and general.

  5. -1 says:

    This is a silly arguement. Nobody knows what’s going to happen between now and November. The passage of Obamacare doesn’t seem to have had any effect on the game yet, other than to further infuriate those who were already infuriated and I think we all know how they’re going to vote anyway. And the ‘extremism’ that wingnut Democrats and their media bootlicks always see as rampant among Republicans will certainly motivate those who would have voted ‘D’ anyway, so that too is a wash.

    It’s seven months (+) ’till election day. A lot can–and will–happen between now and then.

  6. -1 says:

    Gary one more time do you get your facts from the N@R are Brad and Brit?
    No effect carbine, notice how many companies are now figuring out how much Obama care is going to cost them.
    Wonder how many will go off shore to get away from OBamacare?

  7. -1 says:

    It’s so hard to stay mad at John McCain. He’s always been likeable, if perhaps not altogether rational. Sharing a stage with Sarah can’t be easy. One can just see his jaw muscles clenching and unclenching as he endures what he must for the sake of hearing that crowd roar.

  8. -1 says:

    No political effects, Woody. At least not yet. But that could change as more companies figure out what this bill will really do to their bottom lines, and react accordingly (by reducing work force, or scotching plans to expand and hire). That’s the last kind of news Obama and the Dems want to see on the nation’s front pages this summer and fall.

    The problem is that most media sources are either too in bed with the administration to share this news with us, or are too economically ignorant to understand its significance.

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