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Last Tuesday, nationally, was a pretty fine day for Democrats: President Obama not only won, Democrats gained Senate seats, House seats, four states voted for gay marriage and two states voted for legalizing medical marijuana.
Since the morning after the election the TV and newspaper pundits have been gesticulating furiously over who’s to blame for the Republicans loss and everyone with an agenda had a say – one pundit roared the villain was ‘The Tea Party.’
Another snorted the culprit was ‘The Beltway GOP Establishment’ and added ‘No more Romneys. No more Bushes. No more McCains.’
Ann Coulter shot back, ‘Don’t blame Romney…Romney was the perfect candidate.’
Other pundits blamed ‘two idiots who came out against abortion in cases of rape,’ nominating ‘a millionaire big government establishment Republican’ and ‘the hurricane.’
Others declared, ‘Romney was too moderate,’ ‘Romney was too conservative,’ and ‘Obama aimed a billion dollar howitzer at a single target: Mitt Romney.’ A lot of pundits blamed demographics and one blamed magic saying, Obama pulled a rabbit out of the hat and magic-ed himself back into the White House.
But not one person mentioned silly rhetoric.


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3 comments on “Why Republicans Lost Nationally?

  1. Carbine says:

    I don’t care what everyone else says, Carter. I’m going to keep reading your posts because I believe that one day, one of them is going to have a point.

  2. dap916 says:

    Silly rhetoric? Bull.

    If you don’t honestly believe that demographics was the primary reason Obama won, I’m gonna have to rethink my opinion of you with regard to the political arena. And, if you don’t think that the republicans better come up with some kind of viable strategy in that regard lest it lose control in almost every venue in this nation, you really need step out of that box you’re living in.

    I have agreed with most of what you have said in past submissions here, Carter. On this one, you need to take another look at “why Obama won”.

  3. cwrenn says:

    Dap, I think demographics was one reason — a big reason. But for Obama to win I suspect it took more than just demographics — it took a combination of factors coming together:Obama’s negative attacks over the summer, Romney receiving fewer votes than McCain, the undecided’s breaking for Obama the last weekend, and a belief by the Romney campaign that, rhetorically, being anti-Obama would be enough. Best, Carter

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