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Speaker Thom Tillis says Republicans “own the economy” and is optimistic: “I think we are seeing some green shoots.”
But Pat McCrory says Governor Perdue owns the economy and it’s “broken.”
Nationally, of course, Republicans say President Obama owns the economy and it sucks.
Obama avoids sounding too optimistic. Democrats say it’s broken because Republican policies broke it.
Two ladies interviewed by the N&O’s John Frank in Pinetops apparently agreed it sucks. They used a word “not fit to print.” Unemployment there is nearly 14 percent.
Maybe they’re in the wrong place. The journal of capitalism, Forbes, says four of America’s top cites for business and careers are in North Carolina: Raleigh, Durham, Asheville and Charlotte.
Senator Bob Rucho says Republican tax cuts will work because: “…everywhere you go you find if you put money back into the economy, you are going to find economic growth.”
But Greg Bethea, the Pinetops town administrator, says his community is feeling only the cuts in the Republican budget – in the schools, a youth development center and rural development.
“We certainly understand they have to make cuts, but when you do it in an area that is so important to the viability of a community … that’s real to us. That’s not theoretical,” he said.
Maybe people in Raleigh should get out more.


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4 comments on “Whose Economy?

  1. Reaganite says:

    With the total lack of political savvy to make a stupid comment like that, we had better hope that Tillis is NOT our US Senate nominee in 2014.

  2. dap916 says:

    Politics. Aint’s it wonderful?

    I’m betting that 99.9% of people in our fair state know that we have a horrendous problem fiscally within our state government. Not enough jobs that bring in needed tax revenue which means that there’s not enough spending that, itself, brings in tax revenue and no expansion of businesses which, itself, brings in tax revenue.

    And, what are our elected officials doing? You know, those folks that we worked so hard for and voted for because we thought they’d work to keep North Carolina strong and vibrant and so forth? They’re playing politics so as to keep their own jobs and be damned with what’s good for our state and its citizens. Gary has good points here, even though he’s blinded by his politics, of course.

    People in Raleigh (which Gary really means politicians in Raleigh) really don’t care to “get out much”. They care about one thing…their positions of power and influence and jobs. Nothing…absolutely nothing to them…is more important. And therein lies our problem. Vote these bums out, guys. I don’t care if it’s a self-serving republican or democrat. We need to get people in our state legislatures (and in the governorship) that doesn’t care about what their decisions will do to them politically. Until that happens…from both sides of the aisle…Gary Pearce and Dap916 will just post “our side’s” positions rather than North Carolina’s citizen’s side.

  3. Chris says:

    Who “owns” the economy? Who owns the moon or the weather? Nobody does. Far too many people in the country actually believe that the economy is under the control of those in political power and, if they were to just make the correct decisions, then everything would be great.

    The result is ever increasing sums of money to try to “fix” something that is out of the government’s power to fix.

    Of course, government action can hurt the economy (think what a 100% tax would do), but trying to help the economy is a much harder task. Lot easier to smash a vase than to piece it back together.

  4. Carbine says:

    Gary, I challenge you to provide The source for your comment about Tillis’ supposed comment. It smells very much like a typical trick of yours–the quote (or ‘near quote’) issued in one context but reported in another. Where, when, and under what circumstances did Tillis say that?

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