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I opened the newspaper the other morning and stared at the headline, Afghan War to end by 2014, and thought, How could anyone know that? Imagine opening the newspaper one May morning in 1943 and reading: ‘War to end by 1945’ – you’d have thought someone had lost their mind.
But, of course, the headline has a kind of perverse logic behind it. Because this isn’t 1943 and we no longer fight wars the way we did seventy years ago, and I reckon we ought to just say a prayer and be thankful that back when Hitler was on the loose no one figured running wars based on political agendas made sense.


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One comment on “When We Were Fighting Hitler…

  1. dap916 says:

    A president can end any military involvement we have save an actual “war”. What we’re doing in Afghanistan isn’t actually a “war”, per se. It’s a military action. The president can end our involvement there through executive order because Congress had absolutely nothing to do with it in the first place other than in the funding, of course. So, If Obama is still prez in 2014, he can easily meet that date to end our “Afghan War”. It’s kind of like Number One telling Number Two on Star Trek: “Make it so”. That’s all he’s gotta tell the military and being commander-in-chief, it’s gonna be done.

    My quess is, if Romney wins the presidency, we’re gonna look at 2013 when he “makes it so” with regard to Afghanistan. That’s just a horrible drain on our resources and being a pragmatic, fiscally prudent person, the Mittens knows what we spend there is just wasted money.

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