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Oh my goodness gracious, Republicans are all aflutter and Twitter is all atwitter over a leaked memo by liberals to “attack…cripple…eviscerate” GOP leaders and even, worst of all, “mitigate the worst legislation.”
I haven’t heard so much caterwauling since Jesse Helms was screeching that Ted Kennedy, liberals, blacks and queers were attacking him so you better send money fast.
Of course, the best way to get anything reported and read is to stamp it “confidential” and caution all the recipients not to share it with absolutely anybody. Worked like a charm here.
Naturally, I had to go to the link and read the whole thing.
Now, I don’t like using words like “attack, cripple and viscerate.” But that’s how excitable operatives talk to show how tough they are – Democrats AND Republicans. So pay no attention to the crocodile – or elephant – tears over how mean this is. Especially from people who demonize President Obama and called Governor Perdue “America’s dumbest governor.”
Along with the purple prose, I found some interesting information and ideas about how to fight what the plan-writers believe is bad public policy. That’s called democracy and debate.
Between the lines I also read some welcome fight and focus.
To wit: “McCrory’s giving pay raises to Cabinet officials (high-level government bureaucrats) while trying to cut benefits for those who are doing their best to try to work hard emerges as the most salient line of attack against him….”
That’s good information to have – and to get to the voters.
So spare me the whining and the inevitable high-minded denunciations. Politics ain’t beanbag, as they say. If you’re not ready to get some mud and blood on your uniform, get off the field.


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10 comments on “When Liberals Attack

  1. SC Harrison says:

    Yeah, I get a “visceral” reaction to words like “eviscerate” as well. Partly because it puts the focus on the writer’s reaction to the negative stimulus, instead of the stimulus itself, which in this case is the casual way Republicans approach ripping the bottom out of the safety net.

    The pain they’re causing, and are going to cause, is not simply a minor adjustment to budget priorities. It’s a massive shift in policy whose sole purpose is to enhance the profit margins of the larger businesses at the cost of NC’s struggling families and small businesses.

    And thanks to our out-of-control campaign finance situation, the GOP probably won’t be held accountable for these outrages in the next election. Leaving them free to continue their class warfare.

  2. dap916 says:

    “That’s called democracy and debate” ??????? So, you’re saying that republicans should just accept political policy that says “eviscerate the leadership (IOW republican) and weaken their ability to govern”) as debate? Really, Gary? It’s not a legitimate policy…a strategy…to stop republican leadership in North Carolina from doing what they were elected by the majority in our state to do? You know…GOVERN. What kind of policy and strategy is that for one party to have against another party???? Having a disagreement with an opposition party and working to change what they want to do is one thing…but to stop them from actually governing? I’ll answer that for you because you’d never answer it truthfully. It is a policy that is ALL ABOUT political power at the cost of our state’s citizens. It’s nothing more than policy against those that you pretend to want to protect and help. I’d call it unamerican and almost treasonous…but, I’ll stop before I go there.

    If a republican platform policy statement was to “eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern” against democrats and the democratic party and against a democratic administration in Raleigh…you’d just be fine with that and there’d be no “caterwauling”? Give me a break.

    You might fool your fellow radical left wing, progressive, liberal buddies here, but you’re not fooling folks like me and folks that have even a LITTLE common sense here.

    I read that “secret” document you put via link here. It’s just SO telling and shows just how horribly desperate the democrats in NC are.

  3. dap916 says:

    I originally wanted to ask you, Steve, if you got “permission” from James to post here, but, decided not to do that.

    Our “out-of-control” campaign situation that you’re referring to is probably the “Citizens United” ruling by SCOTUS…which definately equalled the playing field for dems using unions to donate massive amounts of money vs. corps. donating massive amounts of money. Yeah, I can see how that ruling is hated by lib/progressive/radical left folks for sure.

    That “safety net” you are talking about is something that was put in place initially for our citizens that are having a tough time in their lives for no reason of their own. Now? It’s a “safety net” for illegal aliens and in a big way for those that have found out how to use the “system” to get taxpayer benefits illegally with impunity. You want to argue that? You’re an idiot if you do. You know that’s true but you know, Steve, that those that get those bennies vote democratic and for you, that’s enough. That sanctions the abuse of the system. That justifies the corruption within the system. You only care about having the masses voting democratic.

    Steve, when James finally does have to close down his bluenc website and you have to go find another truck driver job, remember why you pay the taxes you pay and why people that don’t actually work live nearly as good as you do. Just remember that. And, if you’re old enough to receive government help so you don’t have to work…think about your younger family members that do in that same light. Just think about who pays. I don’t need to say anything further here.

  4. Reaganite says:

    This memo should be thrown in the face of everyone of those groups when they attack. Conservatives should call a spade a spade. Z. Smith Reynolds should be actively attacked at every opportunity. They have outed themselves as a pack of vicious partisan political hacks. I note they include ACRON, so they approve of vote fraud.

  5. clarence swinney says:

    A few facts.
    Total Individual Income is $12,000 Billion
    Revenue we received from individual income taxes
    You figure the effective rate how low can we go?
    These are why we rank #3 as least taxed in OECD nations
    Forbes had a recent report showing 70% of corporations pay n income tax.
    We must tax to get the revenue need to run our country.
    Yes! Cut spending is essential also.

  6. clarence swinney says:

    JOBS CREATED————————–24M—————–43M
    STOCK MARKET RETURNS———109%—————-992%
    MARKET RETURN PER YEAR——–2.7%—————-11%
    GDP GROWTH PER YEAR————–2.7%—————-4.1%
    INCOME GROWTH ER YEAR———-0.6%—————-2.2%

  7. Choo says:

    What are “Queers” ?

  8. clarence swinney says:

    2000 to 2008 (% GDP)
    Spending—Plus 33%=two wars Part D Medicare
    Revenue—Minus 29%=two tax cuts
    This is why in 8 Bush increased Spending by 90% and Debt by 112%
    The rich got much richer as they were not hit with needed taxes to pay our way.
    That is why we rank #4 on Inequality in OECD nations
    From 2000-2013 , we borrowed 10,600 Billion.
    We had the income (14.000B per year) to pay our way.
    Yet! Republicans still refuse to make the rich pay their Fair Share.
    The day of reckoning is ahead. We must tax wealth. They have most of it.
    In 2009, 137M tax returns were taxed at 10.06% tax rate.
    We must tax wealth. Plus slow spending on Defense and Medicare.

  9. clarence swinney says:

    Government achievements
    A list can be found at Obama
    Why have they not been promoted by the administration.
    Is Obama too shy? Or what? Most administrations broadcast achievements regularly.
    Many Think Tanks have listed as many as 50 as found on Google search.

  10. dap916 says:

    To Choo: I don’t know exactly what a queer is, but I do know I am one. When I was in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, my DI (Drill Instructor) asked me where I was from and I told him “California, sir!!!” He said, “well, aren’t you sweet. There are only two things in California I am sure of and that is hot rods and queers….and I don’t see any tail pipes running of your ass”.

    So…from that point forward, I figured I was a queer…whatever that is.


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