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When I read in the newspaper that the House Republican Leadership had given four Congressmen the boot, kicking them off their committees, for not loyally voting with the leadership I thought, Those guys must have been voting with the Democrats – but then I read one of the four Congressmen was Walter Jones the most conservative Congressman in North Carolina.
Congressman Jones routinely gets elected every two years, goes to Washington, keeps his promises, votes his conscience, is unfailingly polite and won in the biggest landslide of any Republican Congressman in North Carolina last fall.
So how did he get crossed-up with the Republican Leadership in Washington? Well, it turns out, by voting to cut spending too much – for instance, by voting against the Leadership’s 2011 Budget Deal with Obama to raise the debt ceiling.
So, now we have Republican Leaders in Washington unhappy with Walter Jones because he voted to cut spending too much.
What’s wrong with this picture?


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One comment on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. clarence swinney says:

    20 years of 3 Conservative presidents
    18 years of Conservative Senate
    12 years of Conservative House
    6 years of Conservative Total Control
    600B budget to 3500B (less wjc itsy)
    Debt 1000B and added 9000B
    218,000(Carter) jobs per month down to 99,000
    Initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts
    240B surplus to 1400B (9-30-09)
    Shamed America in eyes of world by dumb invasion of
    two unarmed—destitute nations
    20 years and in a recession in all or part of 7 years
    Great Recession
    7 million manufacturing jobs lost
    8 million homes foreclosed
    Damaged our Housing Industry
    Destroyed our great Savings and Loan industry
    Damaged world financial system via our Casino Derivative of America
    Selling mortgages known to be junk. Some bet on their own loans to fail.
    Little value added to our Standard Of Living just rich getting ultra rich
    Took America from top 5 on equality to 4th on Inequality in OECD.
    Gifted our corporations so they are now third least taxed in OECD.
    Want Prosperity for Majority—Kick Conservatives Out of House in 2014.

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