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Paul Coble’s gone and done it again.
Just a few months ago Paul Coble was asking Joe Knott to support him for Congress. Now, treading water, Paul’s hit the panic button and called Joe Knott a wild-eyed liberal – because Joe’s supporting George Holding and not Paul.
Next, out of a clear blue sky, Paul up and called George Holding the “handpicked candidate of the liberal trial lawyers” – which is pretty ridiculous since George Holding indicted the most famous trial lawyer in the country – John Edwards.
When I saw Paul Coble’s first attack I thought, He’s just making this stuff up.
Now I’m wondering, What’s he been smoking?


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2 comments on “What's He Been Smoking?

  1. Chris says:

    Carter — You’re right that the Coble campaign seems increasingly desperate. It didn’t help him that he tried to see some sort of UN plot in the Wake County Sustainabiity taskforce. Sure, there’s a lot to dislike about their work and recommendations, but claiming it’s all a UN plot puts Coble squarely in the “I’m a nut” category.

    Also, while Holding has, indeed, attracted the support of several conservative Democrats, that hardly means that he’s in favor of Obamacare, gutting the military and whatever other slime Coble chooses to throw.

    The main reason I’m voting against Coble: the Wake County school district needed money for teaching assistants, but Coble voted to give a raise to county staffers instead.

    [However, aren’t you working for the Holding campaign? Shouldn’t you at least mention that here.]

  2. rigorousdebate says:

    I understand that US Attny Holding is using is using Strategic Partner Solutions consultants Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart. Not such a good idea Carter.

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