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While Kay Hagan’s singing Kumbaya with Republicans, I must be getting more partisan. Because I’m having trouble seeing the Democrats’ side of things.

Senator Richard Burr recently sponsored a bill saying the Veterans Administration can’t declare a veteran ‘nuts’ (actually the politically correct term is ‘mentally deficient’) – unless a judge agrees.

Burr’s bill sounds pretty reasonable. Except it’s got the anti-gun crowd all stirred up. Because anyone the V.A. says is ‘mentally deficient’ can’t get a license to buy a gun.

Think about that: The same liberal-type folks who say the President ought not to be able to declare Abdul a terrorist and lock him up in Guantamano Bay are turning around and saying a government bureaucrat ought to be able to declare Joe nuts without a by-your-leave from a judge.

That’s one unique way of reasoning.

Here’s another: One spokesman for an anti-gun group in Washington made her case this way: “To take this group out of the system and give them ready access to guns, that’s just not a good idea. It’s a sad fact that veterans have increased risk of suicide and increased risk of mass shootings, but that’s reality.”

So, if statistics show, say, your brother is part of a group that is more likely to be ‘mentally deficient,’ a government bureaucrat can declare him a nut. Not because he did anything wrong. But because he’s a member of a class.

I wonder what the Rev. Martin Luther King would have said about that.

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